Live, Laugh, Love

Recently, it seems that the say saying LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE has been the source of much metaphorical eye-rolling on social media but when viewed through a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) lens, it makes perfect sense.

Its essence is central to one of the main tenets we use in the brain explanation in every therapeutic session – our medicine for the brain: the three Ps. Arguably, this well-known phrase, that adorns wooden plaques in homes across the country, can be translated as positive actions (Live), thoughts (Laugh), and interactions (Love).

When, in sessions, we focus on what would be happening for the client if they were just ‘one up on the scale’, we engage and encourage our clients to create a ‘doing picture’ and the positive actions contained within it. This amazing ability to remember and learn from past events, and the ability to IMAGINE future scenarios, is what makes us human. Solutions or considered options to move forward don’t manifest themselves into our laps without having built a doing or being picture in our minds first. The rewiring or upgrading of our head space that takes place during the relaxing hypnosis allows that picture to be crafted or honed and mulled over whilst our subconscious mind keeps working behind the curtains. We are essentially asking the client to build upon a picture that helps them LIVE positively through their behaviours and actions.

Which brings us to LAUGHTER and the importance of positive thoughts. Laughter is contagious, lightens our mood and the mood of any room, and perfectly demonstrates the power of an uplifting thought. Now, I’m not promoting enforced positivity because life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. However, we do recognise that laughter can only help to increase the flow of positive neurotransmitters and feel-good chemicals that act as catalysts for mentally-healthy behaviour. When we produce a constant flow of these beneficial neurotransmitters, we are happy, brave, motivated, and can cope so much better with whatever we have to deal with in our day-to-day lives. A little laughter truly does go a long way and paves the way to help cultivate thoughts that are a little lighter in nature.

Last but not least, LOVE. Generally, we humans are sociable creatures who work better in a tribe or group. We reap positive rewards when we care for and love each other, and have support in the form of working together through positive interactions. These positive interactions such as coffee with a friend, a walk with our children, or a staffroom catch up, all form the positive interactions we need as part of the natural medicine for our brain. In essence, early man advanced and evolved due to our brains possessing an ability to create and imagine desired futures and having a tribe or family of people to care for us in times of need. Love in the form of positive interactions is a key ingredient in the recipe for mentally healthy behaviour.

So, I view this phrase with a newfound respect! I understand and appreciate it’s simple, alliterative advice. To 'Live, Laugh, Love' is to focus on the 3Ps. Our wellbeing is tied to these positive actions, interactions, and thoughts. It is what we do to maintain good mental health, and once we know what works, we do more of it and it becomes a templated behaviour. I applaud the message of 'Live, Laugh, Love' through positive actions, interactions, and behaviours and look forward to continuing to promote this message through SFH work.

Amanda Quail


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