Weight Management

Weight management is something most of us become aware of at some point in our lives.

Perhaps we want to make changes after having a baby, going through menopause or receiving a diagnosis such as for diabetes. Whatever the reason for deciding to manage our weight we will be faced with a myriad of different methods, advice and plans.

Knowing where to start can be confusing. Many methods take a problem focused approach which make them difficult to stick to and can lead to further problems and a feeling of failure.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help people to take a positive approach to weight management for lasting results.

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The Weight Struggle

Physical changes, especially weight gain can impact our lives. We may not feel as though we want to take part in sport or physical activity as our energy levels drop.

Libido can be affected which can have a knock-on effect on relationships. In turn our confidence and self-esteem are affected too which can lead to low mood.

We may become stuck in a cycle of emotional eating and eat the foods that make us feel momentarily better and then guilty because we know we did not make the best choices.

A yoyo dieting cycle is common where strict food management leads to immediate results but is not sustainable over long periods of time so an individual becomes stuck in a negative cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

Knowing that we need to take control of our weight is not enough and we can feel frustrated by ‘lack of willpower’ and motivation.


How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help with Weight Management?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with weight management by taking a solution focused approach.

It can help people with the anxiety surrounding food and eating and enable individuals to take back control. It can help in finding a long term sustainable approach to eating and food that generates lasting change over time.

Hypnotherapy can help improve confidence and self esteem which has the effect on the individual of wanting to take care of themselves.

When low mood improves and a person feels happier, they are less likely to turn to high calorie foods as a mood boost and more likely to want to partake in activities and nurture themselves.


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