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The AfSFH is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting members at each stage of their career and seeking to further the practice of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy by supporting and developing the skills and interests of members engaged in that profession, as well as increasing public awareness.

Articles & Resources

Why Unhappiness Is Expensive

In this crisis-of-the-week world where everyone is watching their bank balance carefully, the thing we can afford least is unhappiness. I think it’s fair to say that we receive […]

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Hypnotherapy: The Key to Weight Loss and Breaking Bad Habits

During lockdown, many people picked up bad habits such as unhealthy snacking or starting smoking. Read how hypnotherapy can help you lose weight and break the negative habit cycle and […]

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Am I Good Enough?

Don’t you feel sometimes you just need a little reminder that you are doing alright? That all the effort is actually worth it? That you are a good person, valid […]

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