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That weekend feeling

For most of us, this means a whole weekend away from the work routine – being able to relax, no alarms dictating when we get out of bed, and choosing how we spend our moments, doing what feels good – whether connecting with friends or family, being re

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Making Time For Play

Over the Easter weekend, I was delighted to see the new lambs frolicking in the fields along the motorway. I love lambs. They are just adorable. There’s something about their horizontal ears that is so appealing, and the uninhibited way they bounce arou

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Why is laughing the best medicine? A good laugh is always a winner, isn’t it? Giggling, having a chuckle, the side splitter, hooting, guffawing, and the delicate titter. These are all good ways to brighten a day. But, did you know that along with it fe

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Can Hypnotherapy Help Golfers' Yips?

The yips is a very specific issue that can end careers, destroy hobbies, and lead to moments of pure frustration and exasperation. There is much advice about how to overcome the yips and hypnotherapy is not usually the first on the list, but I wanted to s

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