Written by Andrew David Jamison

I had just finished my Mental Health Nurse training. I had always found myself having difficulties dealing with crowds and in speaking in public, but the training had helped me come out of myself so to speak. Never would I have thought I had anxiety. I distantly remember, soon after qualifying, doing a bit of painting for my dad – painting an old garage door bright red. From nowhere, the thought of having a stroke hit me. Blind panic ensued and that was the beginning of anxiety sowing its seeds, taking control of every aspect of my life for the next 10 years. It was a horrendous time for me, regular trips to the accident and emergency department thinking I was on the verge of having some catastrophic health condition. That and the effect on my career and relationships as anxiety took hold, getting its roots into every part of my life.

It took me a year of reading self help books, of digging deep before the tide began to turn. I found myself pushing hard to interact with people, to keep myself active, and to have positive thoughts. Solution focused hypnotherapists will recognize those three actions, core to the client helping themselves. I had always had an interest in hypnosis. During my training, I carried out research projects on it, and had read all about its therapeutic properties. I can remember believing that hypnotherapy would help my anxiety, so I blindly picked the first hypnotherapist in the phonebook. I did not research what type of hypnotherapy they practiced, I just went along. Don’t ask me to tell you what he did, but the gentleman genuinely helped me and from that day forward, along with all I had worked on myself, I turned a corner. Looking back now, I was practicing the 3 Ps (Positive thoughts, Positve actions, and Positive interactions), and the hypnosis helped my anxiety and emptied my stress bucket.

Fast forward to September 2017, having completed my social work training and a few other degrees. Anxiety dictating my life is in the distant past and I now want to begin helping people who were in my situation. So, I decide to get a formal qualification in Hypnotherapy, even though I have been helping friends and family for a few years. I find myself sitting in CPHT Belfast on the first training weekend, with Mr Brounger and Mrs Griffiths (our inspirational tutors on the Hypnotherapy Diploma). The first weekend we covered the initial consultation and all the wonderful theory on how the brain works, how anxiety is created, and, more importantly, what we can do about it. I sat spellbound. That David Newton is a genius, I thought. All this theory was years of me reading self-help books distilled into a few A4 pages.

So, I qualified, and I’ve been working with the public steadily since then. I find myself working predominately with anxiety, and I feel drawn to it. I have witnessed some remarkable results from applying Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and just applying what we have been taught. This stuff works, and it works wonderfully well.

Andrew David Jamison
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