Use your strengths as a superpower

At the end of a session with a client, I tend to ask a few scaling questions so I can quantify progress and review areas where someone might need an extra helping hand. One of the questions I ask is, “How well have you been using your superpowers this week?”

I love the look that appears on most of my clients’ faces as they contemplate their answer. A lot is going on at that moment. The knowledge that is dawning on them… YES! They do have plenty of superpowers! and YES! They are using them!

A few clients will admittedly ask me what I mean by superpowers, so I tell them; “Your superpowers are your strengths!” That inner resilience that gets you out of bed, even when it seems so hard. That courage to welcome the sunlight upon your skin, when all you want to do is hide. That love you share with others, even when it’s hard to love yourself. That glow you ripple with on a good day. Your bounce, your kindness, your creativity, your imagination, your drive, your dreams, your vitality, your fortitude, your finesse.

Your inner essence.

How well have you been using your superpowers this week, and how can you enjoy them more?

Fleur Demeranville Dash


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