Charge your love battery

Even the best couples can have tricky moments. Life can throw challenges, misunderstandings can occur, emotions might misalign – leaving even the most perfect relationships feeling unnurtured at times. We can get stuck in a rut, feel unheard, unappreciated, and ultimately lonely in our own love stories.

It is so important to make time to cherish our partners, remember what it is we love about each other, and why they are our chosen person. This is why, when my husband and I went on a trip, I decided it would be an even better experience for us both if we went with fully-charged love batteries!

We created this lovely affection workout to ensure our glow was turned up to maximum. This simple sweet-talking exercise is an amazing way of reconnecting, rekindling, and allowing the love to shine through!

The idea is to take it in turns to think of something you really admire about the other person. It is important that these are compliments and reflections on THEM, not on how they make YOU feel.

For example, “I love it when you make me a cup of tea in bed” is actually about YOU, whereas “you are so considerate” is about THEM.

Emphasising and accentuating another’s pleasing qualities makes it a deeper and more rewarding sentiment. It is so wonderful to search through memories that created that love connection, and recall them together as you examine what it is about your partner that you actually fell in love with, and even better to have your qualities noticed and reiterated.

The act of thinking about nice things to say about your loved ones pulls affection and tenderness into the forefront of your mind. This sparks oxytocin – THE LOVE CHEMICAL.

Listening to genuinely felt compliments about ourselves helps us to regain a positive perspective on our own personalities, allowing the flow of serotonin – THE HAPPINESS CHEMICAL.

When these glorious chemicals are cascading, we feel AMAZING! Connected, celebrated, and full of love.

Mission complete, your battery fully charged.

Fleur Demeranville Dash


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