Am I Good Enough?

Don’t you feel sometimes you just need a little reminder that you are doing alright? That all the effort is actually worth it? That you are a good person, valid and significant? Do you sometimes have an annoying voice that creeps in making you think that no matter what, you will never be good enough?

I hate that voice! I fight with that voice! So many of us have to battle this voice on a daily basis, and if this sounds familiar to you, then I want to say, you are doing FANTASTICALLY!!! Because if you are fighting the voice, this means you are doubting what it says, complete proof that you actually KNOW deep down that you ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Sometimes this truth can feel very deep down, hidden under layers and layers of negative thoughts and lack of confidence. Sometimes it can feel impossible to battle the voice.

I know those negative thoughts are so real. They are not silly, or you’re not overreacting, those thoughts really do seem to take over, don’t they?

Can I just ask you to think, what does “good enough” look like to you?

What would it take for you to stand in front of that mirror and be able to say, “I am good enough”?

Is “good enough” based on the expectations that you think other people have? Do you presume that people expect you to be a certain way, and that is “good enough”? Or is “good enough” an actual goal you’ve given yourself?

If you’re thinking ‘I don’t know’ (what's this crazy lady going on about!) try and think about a time when you did something that was “good enough”? How did you know it was good? Remember what that feeling felt like, the facial expressions it gave you, the hope it left in your heart. What have you done recently where this was present? What does that tell you?

The thing about “good enough” is it is different for every one of us. What makes me good enough is different for you and it can change every single day and build over time. The only expectations that truly matter are the ones that matter to you!!! We can spend our whole lives trying to mould ourselves to be how we think people might want us to be, and this is so exhausting! Trying to second guess how we should act, dress, talk means that we are constantly TRYING rather than just BEING.

I’m not saying it’s easy to turn off these thoughts, but seeing them as what they are, thoughts not facts or realities can really help! When these thoughts come, take a breath, and try to think about something else for a moment. Maybe say “I’m not good enough at that, YET” and think about how you would like to improve in that area. Then think about all of the things that you do well, the things in your life you are proud of. With everything that you are managing right now, all that you are working through, and all those things that you have achieved.

Just the act of thinking these things is proof, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Fleur Demeranville Dash

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