Helen Green

Bristol, BS34 7PT | 07956179408 | Visit Website

Helen Green

Bristol, BS34 7PT | 07956179408 | Visit Website

Change is possible...you don't have to put up with things! I'm an Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Supervisor. My professional background is in Psychology, Health Psychology and Clinical Research and I have specialised in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for over a decade. I'm passionate about empowering people to make positive, lasting changes in their lives. In particular, I help with Anxiety, Low mood, Stress, Chronic pain, Health issues & unwanted eating behaviours. I mainly provide online therapy via Zoom, enabling people to access support wherever they live from the comfort of their own home.

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Helen Green Hypnotherapy

The Old Church
113A Gloucester Road North
BS34 7PT


Helen Green Hypnotherapy Online

I regularly work with clients all over the UK by providing online therapy via Zoom. This is a safe
and effective way for clients to access therapy from the comfort of their own home in a way that fits around their work and family commitments.



Online appointments are available Monday to Friday up until 9pm. Saturday mornings also available.


All sessions £65. You may be able to claim back costs via your health insurance provider.


Wheelchair user access

About Helen Green Hypnotherapy

BSc(Hons)Psych. MPhil.Psych. CRM(Dist.) DHP. HPD. SFH Sup (Hyp). MNCH(Acc). CEO(AfSFH).

I'm an experienced full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist working in Filton (BS34 7PT) in North Bristol as well as working online, and combine my psychological expertise with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help you make positive, lasting changes. I'm also qualified to supervise and mentor other therapists and deliver lectures in Hypnotherapy and Health. As a senior therapist, I also hold Accredited membership status with the National Council for Hypnotherapy (MNCH Acc.) and as a result of my passion and success as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist am honoured to have been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH). This is the only professional listing organisation dedicated to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioners (www.afsfh.com).

As well as being a very experienced therapist, I have a professional background in Psychology, Health Psychology and Clinical Research and have been studying brains and behaviour for nearly 25 years (my passion!). My extensive post-graduate research involved exploring the crucial relationships between negative emotional states and their effects on physical health, as well as the influence of our behaviours on changes in our moods, from a psychological, psychopharmacological and neuroscientific perspective.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an effective way to restore a healthy balance between these relationships for therapeutic benefit, and I've helped many people to overcome their anxiety, fears, stress and low mood, as well as help them to develop healthier habits and behaviours.

I'm passionate about helping others to help themselves, and in empowering clients to make positive changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours!

How does Hypnotherapy work?

My approach...

Every person I see experiences their struggles differently, and I therefore tailor my approach to the unique needs of every client, ensuring that they receive the best, most appropriate and effective support to help them make the changes they want.

Combining aspects of neuroscience with elements of CBT, NLP and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Solution Focused Hypnotherapy also uses clinical hypnosis to provide an effective approach for encouraging beneficial and lasting changes. It can make a positive difference to the way we react by changing or replacing old, unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving with more useful ones, enabling us to cope so much better with life's challenges.

Using a wide variety of tools and techniques, I can help you to feel better, but also help you to develop your own skills and strategies for the future, so that you can calmly and confidently deal with whatever the world throws at you.

Change is possible... you don't have to put up with things...

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can be used to address a wide variety of issues, and I specialise in helping people who are suffering from:

- Anxiety & phobias
- Stress - chronic and specific (scenario-related or PTSD)
- Confidence issues
- Depression & low mood
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
- Chronic/persistent pain issues, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, RLS and other pain or inflammatory conditions 

I am also experienced in helping clients overcome binge eating and emotional eating, to help them develop healthier relationships with food. I also have experience in helping clients manage their diabetes, helping them to manage their eating behaviours and stress levels to help control their condition (I'm Ncfe certified in understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes).

There are many things that hypnotherapy can help with, more than can be listed here and in the list at the bottom of this page, so please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like further information about whether hypnotherapy could be useful for you.

You can also find more information on my website at www.greenhypnotherapy.co.uk.

General information:

I now mainly work with clients online via Zoom as this is a very convenient way for clients to attend sessions, but in-person sessions can be held by prior arrangement at my office in Filton, Bristol.

My consultation room is located at the Old Church, which is just by the Filton roundabout, where Gloucester Road (A38) intersects Southmead Road/the Ring road (near to Airbus and opposite the Shield Retail park). It is based on the ground floor of the lovely old converted church, allowing increased accessibility. Free car parking is available right outside the building and there are also several bus stops close by.

How do I get started with hypnotherapy?

There are many therapists to choose from, so make sure you choose someone who is well qualified, registered and experienced in what you are seeking help for. Also, do check the hypnotherapist is actually professionally registered with organisations they claim to be part of, by checking the online listing with the organisation itself e.g. at www.AfSFH.com for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.

It's also so important that you feel comfortable and confident with your chosen therapist, and so before booking your Initial consultation & Assessment with me, please feel free to call or email me to have a chat or if you have any questions about hypnosis, hypnotherapy or the process. (You can also contact me via a web-form on my website: Helen Green Hypnotherapy booking form).

Hypnotherapy Initial Consultation & Assessment: The initial consultation and assessment usually lasts around an hour. It's a great opportunity to fully discuss your concerns, for us to get to know each other and for me to explain in detail how hypnotherapy can benefit you, and to answer any other questions you may have. You will also receive a free MP3 that you will be able to use at home, which will help to reinforce the benefits of hypnosis.

To book your initial consultation, please call or text me on 07956 179408. Alternatively, you can email me at: helen@greenhypnotherapy.co.uk

Hypnotherapy follow-up sessions: These are also an hour long and the number of sessions required will vary depending on each person's unique circumstances. This will be discussed during the initial consultation.

***I understand people often have family and work commitments, so can also offer flexible daytime and evening appointments during the week as well as on Saturdays at no extra cost.***

Change is possible... contact me to find out more.

Areas that I can help

  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain management
  • Confidence/self-esteem issues
  • Depression/low mood
  • Eating behaviours
  • Fear and Phobias
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Low motivation
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Public speaking
  • Sleeping problems
  • Stress
  • Unwanted habits
  • Weight management

Other areas I treat

I also specialise in helping clients struggling with long term health problems or chronic pain conditions, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and Polymyalgia Rhuematica (PMR). In addition, I also help clients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, helping them make positive lifestyle changes to manage their condition (Ncfe certified in Care and Management of Diabetes). 

Training & Accreditation

Helen Green BSc (Hons) Psych. MPhil. Psych. CRM (Dist.). DHP. HPD. SFH Sup (Hyp). MNCH(Acc). AfSFH (Reg.).

I'm a fully accredited and insured therapist.

As well as degrees in Psychology and an MPhil in Health Psychology, I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (DHP), but also graduated with the Hypnotherapy Practitioner's Diploma (HPD), which is the gold standard qualification for Clinical Hypnotherapists. I'm also a Level 5 certified Hypnotherapy Supervisor and am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), which is the leading organisation of Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.

I have completed additional professional training courses (CPD) in:

- Neuroscience;
- Solution Focused Brief Therapy;
- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
- Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
- Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)
- Disordered Eating

- Qualified in understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes (Ncfe certified)

Recent specialist topics I have lectured and trained other therapists in:

- Stress - Impacts on Physical & Emotional health
- Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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