Heidi Hardy

Devon, EX31 1HB | 01598 752799 | 07712 182787 | Visit Website

Heidi Hardy

Devon, EX31 1HB | 01598 752799 | 07712 182787 | Visit Website

I first encountered the power of hypnotherapy when I successfully stopped smoking through hypnosis in 2007. Since then I dedicated myself to researching and training with the best accredited institution in the UK, and now work as a Professional Hypnotherapist to help others change their lives with straightforward and positive steps that produce real personal development. I am passionate about what I do and enjoy seeing the tangible results that hypnotherapy can deliver. You can have confidence and relax, you’re in experienced hands because: I am committed to the highest standards, I am fully qualified, I am professionally insured, I ensure that I update my skills regularly, I adhere to a code of professional conduct.

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Bridge Chambers

Suite 2 1 Bridge Chambers Barnstaple Devon EX31 1HB


Heidi Hardy Hypnotherapist

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Initial Consultation £55. Sessions £55. Smoking Cessation £170.


About Heidi Hardy Hypnotherapist

What is Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses practical, modern and well researched techniques and strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time.

I work with people to help them achieve what they DO WANT rather than what they don't want ie: the problem/s that prompted them to seek change in the first place. This approach focuses on the present and future, not on the past. Clients are asked to consider their preferred future, for instance, what would be better if the problem had improved? What would have changed? This enables the client's possible solutions to become more apparent and worked towards. Hypnosis helps hugely with this.

Hypnosis itself reduces anxiety and this is done very simply through relaxation and visualisation, allowing people to focus on the positive aspects of their lives that in turn encourages a shift in perspective.

This type of therapy is a highly effective and widely accepted method of alleviating many physical and emotional health problems associated with depression, anxiety and anger; a liberating approach focusing on solutions and encouraging positive thinking, enabling people to change the things that they WANT TO CHANGE.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation similar to that achieved in meditation. It is a completely safe and perfectly normal state we enter into many times a day, for example: when we are daydreaming, reading a book, watching television and doing repeated tasks. It can be described quite simply as a focused state of attention. Contrary to what stage and television shows will have you believe you are in complete control throughout the therapy.



Areas that I can help

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Bruxism
  • Chronic pain management
  • Confidence/self-esteem issues
  • Depression/low mood
  • Drug Abuse
  • Eating behaviours
  • Exam/performance stress
  • Fear and Phobias
  • Gambling addiction
  • Hypnotherapy for childbirth
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Low motivation
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Public speaking
  • Sexual issues
  • Sleeping problems
  • Stop smoking/vaping
  • Stress
  • Substance addictions
  • Unwanted habits
  • Weight management
  • Working with Children
  • Working with teens

Training & Accreditation

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD)

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP)

Solution Focused Supervisor for Hypnotherapy (SFBT Sup Hyp)

Enhanced DBS certificate enabling me to work with children as well as adults

Member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Areas of Continued Professional Development include: The Impact of Hypnosis on Pain & Disease. Drug Addiction: Biology or Belief. The Relationship Between Neuroscience & Obesity. Mindfulness & Acceptance Based Strategies. Eriksonian Indirect Hypnosis. How your Mind can Heal your Body. Hypnotherapy & Chemotherapy. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Exploring Stress, Theories & Solutions. Working with Young People & Teenagers.

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