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What does a ‘Fellow’ of the AfSFH mean?

Individuals designated AfSFH(Fellow) are members of the organisation who have been awarded Fellowship status in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the field of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the AfSFH. It is a prestigious honour that is awarded following peer nomination and majority vote by the AfSFH Executive Committee.

“Following peer nomination, the AfSFH is proud to award the designation of ‘Fellow’ to those members deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the field of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the organisation itself”


The AfSFH is proud to award Fellowship status to the following Members:

David Newton

David Newton

AfSFH (Fellow)

David is the co-founder of CPHT along with his wife and is the founder of the AfSFH. Over his career, he helped thousands of people as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and went on to establish the largest training provider for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in the country (CPHT). David is now semi-retired but enjoys keeping up to date with all things related to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Susan Rodrigues

AfSFH (Fellow)

Susan is a key interface between CPHT and the AfSFH and is also Chair and Trustee of the organization. Susan runs her own private hypnotherapy practice and assisted in developing CPHT, alongside training and supervising hundreds of students and practitioners. She is also an UKCHO Executive Director.

Nicola Griffiths

AfSFH (Fellow)

Nicola is a key founding member of the AfSFH Executive Committee and was the inaugural CEO of the association, later also taking on roles as Trustee and Chair. She runs her own private practice, is a CPHT Lecturer and supervises other students and practitioners.

Trevor Eddolls

AfSFH (Fellow)

Trevor is the Head of IT and social media for the AfSFH and is the organisation’s longest-serving Executive Committee member. He has published numerous books and articles about hypnotherapy and regularly contributes to hypnotherapy publications. He runs his own private practice, but also supervises other practitioners and runs training courses for therapists.


Who can be nominated as an AfSFH Fellow?

Members must meet the following criteria be considered for fellowship:

Nominees must:

  • Have the HPD qualification.
  • Be Level 5 qualified (i.e. a Supervisor or hold AHD level qualification).
  • Have been qualified as SFH for 10 years minimum.
  • Have been an AfSFH member for at least the previous 5 consecutive years.
  • Be able to evidence meeting their professional requirements in the previous 12 months if still in active practice (records of supervision and CPD).

Making a nomination

  • To nominate someone for Fellowship, you must be a Registered AfSFH member yourself.
  • You will need to provide a short Supporting Statement (500 words max) along with your nomination, indicating the nominee’s significant commitment and contribution to SFH, the AfSFH and the wider hypnotherapy profession*.

*Examples of “significant commitment and contribution to SFH, the AfSFH and the hypnotherapy profession” might be demonstrated by an individual by:

  • Delivering training in SFH (either via lecturing in training schools or delivering CPDs in SFH topics) or contributing to the design and development of training/assessment material.
  • Showing history of support to the AfSFH, such as by previously serving as a committee member, or speaking at AfSFH events, or been a regular contributor to AfSFH blogs or the Journal.
  • Demonstrating that they have given talks or participated in other events that serve to raise the profile of SFH.
  • Demonstrating that they have taken part in/organised research based on elements of SFH. This may include the regular use of research tools such as CORP etc, or if an individual has taken part in/conducted research into topics related to SFH.
  • Demonstrating that they have raised further awareness of SFH within other communities, such as raising information in schools, hospitals or within primary care settings (with GPs etc).
  • Have authored and published books, articles or other publications in the field of SFH or can demonstrate involvement in other public-facing activities to promote SFH, such as appearing on radio or TV programs etc.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and only serves as an example of the kind of activities that may be seen as contributing to SFH.


Sending your nomination

Membership nominations for Fellowship can only be made during February each year. During that month, members can email their nomination and Supporting Statement to Nominations received outside of the month of February will not be considered.

Voting on nominations by the Executive Committee will take place in March, with successful candidates announced at the AGM.

All nominees and subsequent awards are subject to final, majority, Executive Committee vote. Any appeals against a final decision will also be considered and voted upon by the committee.

General points:

  • The Executive Committee reserve the right to independently nominate an individual that they feel meet the criteria for Fellowship.
  • Awarded Fellows are still subject to the AfSFH Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and are expected to fulfil the requirements of Supervision and CPD if they are still in active practice. Any breach of the AfSFH Code of Conduct will result in Fellowship status being revoked.
  • Awarded Fellows will not be subject to membership fees for the duration of their membership.

Whatever stage you’re at in your Solution Focused Hypnotherapist career, we’re pleased to offer a variety of AfSFH membership levels to meet your needs:

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