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We’re delighted that you’d like to join the AfSFH.

We offer three core levels of membership, dependent on your experience and credentials, and each level of membership has associated benefits, which you can view here. To apply, all you need to do is to follow the simple steps below. We’ll process your membership application and keep you informed of progress.

You’ll receive regular updates and you’ll be able to manage your membership online.

To complete your application here, you’ll need certain pieces of mandatory information depending on the membership level you are applying for - for example, all members need to have their insurance details and training school information to hand. Applications for Registered membership (post-qualification) also require details about your Supervisor as well as evidence of your qualifications/HPD diploma.

The AfSFH is a non-profit organisation seeking to further the practice of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy by supporting and developing the skills and interests of members engaged in that profession, as well as increasing public awareness.


NOTE: Students becoming Registered Members

Existing AfSFH Student Members who wish to change to full AfSFH Registered Membership MUST contact our Head of Membership directly and provide evidence of their diploma, along with details of their insurance cover and name of their Supervisor.

Please send documentation to:

'I declare that I have no previous or ongoing criminal convictions.'

'I agree to abide by the AfSFH Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics'

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